• A Herd of Antelopes
  • A Colony of Ants
  • An Old Fanny of Badgers
  • A Spaffrag of Bats
  • A Grindr of Bears
  • A Gynaecology of Beavers
  • A Clusterfuck of Bees
  • A Bucket of Bullfinches
  • A Behind-The-Shed-Rape-Atrocity of Cats
  • A Midnight-blowjob of Cows
  • A Gove of Chickens
  • A Lawnmower Full of Cormorants 
  • A Klan of Coots
  • A Genocide of Crows
  • A Japanese-Porn-Dwarf of Deer
  • A Martin Clunes Van of Dogs
  • A Horseshoe-To-The-Fucking-Temple of Doves
  • A Haemorrhoid of Ducks
  • A Nutribullet of Eagles
  • An Enema of Eels
  • A Grundle of Ferrets
  • A Mega-Legend of Foxes
  • A Bukake of Geese
  • A 47-ZX-Spectrums-In-a-Skip-Behind-The-Odeon of Goats
  • A Yeast Infection of Hedgehogs
  • A Rylan-From-The-X Factor of Herons
  • An Actually-Just-Fuck-OFF of hornets
  • A Mr Hands From Enumclaw of horses
  • A Rapey Eyeful of Jackdaws
  • An Arsefull of Jellyfish 
  • A Jacko of Magpies
  • An Stomach Upset of Mice
  • A How Do They Even Breathe Underground? of Moles
  • A Super Injunction of Moorhens
  • A Sexy Chris is a Fucking Cunt of Owls
  • A Pointless of Oysters
  • A Narcissism of Peacocks
  • A Gooch-Load of Pelicans
  • A Dogging-Hotspot-Near-Bracknell of Rabbits
  • A Drop-Them-Off-The-Motorway-Flyover-For-A-Laugh of Snails
  • A Decapitation GIF of Sparrows
  • A Knuckle Supper of Squirrels 
  • A Lovelace of Swallows
  • A Microwave of Swans
  • A Trout-Eyes of Trouts
  • A Bonfire of Turtles
  • A Fingerbanging of Weasels
  • A Zanussi-RF320X-Washing-Machine/Dryer-Full of Woodpeckers


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