Some Book Marks

Losing your place in a novel can be very frustrating. It can waste time, make you angry and even inspire you to commit violent acts of abuse on your friends and loved ones. In fact, research shows that 98% of bloody murders are bookmark related and could have been avoided with a few inches of decorative cardboard or cheap leather. 
Now you can postpone lengthy jail sentences at the touch of a button with this delightful alternative to spousal battery ABSOLUTELY FREE!
To celebrate the release of the new 'Gus The Fox: Crapbook' we are proud to present this exquisite bookmark collection which makes forgetting where you're up to in 'Britain's Worst Book 2013' a thing of the past.
Each bookmark has been hand crafted in Microsoft Paint '97 and can be printed out from your home computer, making Christmas shopping a thing of the past. Ideal for Mum, perfect for Grandad, these bookmarks are a sure fire winner for the whole family.
You'll be spoiled for choice with the 3 distinctive designs - 'Fucked Toilet', 'Japanese War Attrocities' and 'Anal Maladies' - that'll have you reaching for your latest publication time and time again for just one more glimpse of this highly collectible trio.