• Prank all of your work colleagues by running out of the toilets in tears and frantically telling everyone that you've just been raped by a man in a mask.
  • Go to a fancy dress party dressed as your own genitals and choose this as the night to propose to your partner.
  • Soak your next door neighbour's pumpkin in petrol overnight so that they blow their hands off when they try and light the bugger. (Also, rob their house whilst they're at the hospital if you're feeling particularly cheeky)
  • Go to the police station and confess to a bunch of murders that you didn't commit. Write the word paedophile on your head in lipstick and see how much trouble you get into. A terrifying night guaranteed.
  • Sellotape bits of soil to your face and spend the evening sat on the toilet listening to Aswad
  • Dig up grandad
  • Paint the names of famous serial killers onto the side of stray dogs and hurl them into your local Pizza Express 
  • Go to a fancy dress party dressed as a dog's vagina. 
  • Tell your 7 year old son that his dad died in a car accident on the way home from work and his ghost lives in the basement now
  • Empty the contents of your Hoover into a bowl and offer the contents to 'trick-or-treaters'. (Answer the door in tears and waving a gun about) 
  • Break into an old people's home and whisper ghost stories to the senile residents when the nurses aren't looking