Got a boot sale bargain or an old ornament you reckon might be worth a fortune? Why not let me - Simply Red frontman Mick Hucknall - find out? Just send me a pic of your treasure and I’ll tell you if it’s worthy of the STARS or TOO SHITE TO MENTION!

  • I picked up this ‘Doc Martin’ tea towel in a charity shop last week for 50p and when I took it home my husband wondered whether it might be worth a small fortune. We’ve been too scared to use it and both been wondering if it wouldn’t be more at home in some sort of film and television museum. I’ve never seen another one and I’ve just got this sneaking suspicion that I might be in possession of something special. What’s the value, Mick?
  • Hi Brenda. What a find! Martin Clunes memorabilia is very hot at the moment and just about anything brandishing his hilarious jug-eared face is worth sending to an auction house if you can bare to see it go. Just last week I saw a pair of Men Behaving Badly oven gloves sell for a ridiculously high price at Sotherby’s. In my opinion this could be worth anything from between £5000 and £10’000. Good luck!

  • Me and the wife recently moved into a new flat and after talking to the neighbours we were amazed to find out that Dave Berry from Absolute Radio used to rent the place in about 2003. The other day I was bleeding the radiators with the radiator key which was left in a draw next to the oven and it got me thinking that there’s every chance that he might have used it himself during his tenure. I wondered if it might be worth the big bucks thanks to its celebrity connections.
  • Hi Gavin. Wow what a piece! You were right to get in touch. This is exactly the sort of thing that serious collectors will be beating down your door to get a hold of. Usually with items owned by a celebrity it’s important to have a certificate or photograph linking them to the item, but in my opinion even without any evidence this could still fetch anywhere between £5000 and £10’000. My advice - Get it insured as quickly as you can!

  • Hi Mick. My husband’s mother sadly passed away last week and we’re currently in the middle of sorting out all of her clutter. We’ve come across this 18th century Chinoiserie decorated long case grandfather clock that has been in my husband’s family for years. It seems to work fine and it’s quite beautifully decorated with golden East-Asian engravings but I’m just not got a clue what it's worth. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated
  • Hello Kitty. I’m afraid it’s bad news this time as I’m not sure this is something that anyone would be impressed with in the current marketplace. Unfortunately in the era of digital clocks and and smart phones I don’t think many people would be interested in cluttering up their houses with something as cumbersome and old fashioned as this. It’s a shame because there is something quite charming about items like this but I’m afraid it might be time for the bonfire for this out-of-time relic. Sorry it’s not better news, but keep hunting!