(What they sort of look like etc)

 This one looked a bit like a pond. It didn't have any ducks in it or anything but it was sort of the same shape as a pond might be. It looked a bit like a smudge, or a cloud. I suppose it was just cloud shaped really. Just picture a cloud and I suppose it looked a bit like that

 A smear? Or maybe a splatter? Yeah, I suppose this looked a bit like a splatter (grey)

❸ This one looked exactly like Ricky Gervais leaning against a van (eating a Classic Magnum)

❹ I wasn't really concentrating when this one burst onto the scene but I think it looked a little bit like a country. I'm not sure which country to be honest. I think it may have looked a little bit like a cross between Bhutan and East Timor if you can imagine such a thing 

❺ A pile of hooves

❻ Picture a magnificent carriage being pulled across the sky by six beautiful unicorns. That's what I was hoping the next one would like but instead instead it just looked like someone had spilled a Pot Noodle down a toilet. 

❼ Another pile of hooves (next to some nettles)

❽  This one looked like a baby trapped in a pipe / A metal detector wearing a wig / Nothing at all

❾ This one looked like a smattering of paint, or perhaps a grubby stain...It was another sort of smear really...I'm starting to think that today wasn't the best day to do this really. It's generally just overcast and I'm struggling to make out anything at all. Starting to wonder if I'm wasting my fucking time to be honest. Fed up.