THE Gus The Fox

Did you know...
that all horses are blind?
Jurassic Park was actually written by Chuck Berry?
Michael Jackson was actually an owl called Timothy Bucknell? 

900 000
  • Did you know that all fishermen are paedophiles?
  • Did you know that earthquakes happen because of something to do with ham?
  • Did you know that crabs were invented in 1921 and primarily used to ferry small parcels from A to B in post offices?
  • Sticky Mike?
  • Did you know that the tallest building in London is only 9 ft high?
  • Did you know that swans have HD vision? (also some of them have alloy wheels)
  • Did you know that David Cameron has never stabbed a horse to death with a kebab knife?
  • Did you know that most of the Bible was written in 1952 by 11 year old, Justin Bunty, as part of a school project on ethics?
  • Did you know that if the sun wasn't on fire it would look a bit like pig riding a tractor?
  • Did you know that there are no moths in Devon because everyone there finds them scary?
  • Did you know that William Shakespeare wrote over 400 plays about having sex with cats, none of which have ever been published?
  • Did you know that Japan doesn't really exist and is actually just a rumour started by Kriss Akabusi for a laugh?
-These are just a few of the totally inaccurate facts in the' Gus The Fox Book Of Bullshit' Collection-

A thorough and exhaustive source of misleading and untruthful information compiled by Gus The Fox and his mate James the Haemophiliac Wood Pigeon. Confusing for children, pointless for adults, you'll love this collection of gibberish printed over five volumes.