might be thinking 

I don't know exactly what goes on in the mind of a frog. I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd love the opportunity to climb inside the mind of an amphibian and have a big old wander about. 


"Haha. Look at the shape of my legs. They're absolutely bloody ridiculous. Deary me."

"I sometimes get the impression that Owen doesn't like me"

"I wish I hadn't just had sex with that toothbrush. Come on Rob, you've got to get your act together mate"

"FUCK ME! That dragonfly's got fat legs"

"Blimey. I know she's just a tadpole but I probably still would. I know it's a bit wrong but I totally would"

"I'm jealous of Owen Sledge. His webbed feet are magnificent. And his ribbit...Wow...Can that guy ribbit"

"I've fallen out of love with Jenny"

"Wow. Sitting on a lily pad certainly isn't all it's cracked up to be. I'm bored out of my fucking skull"

"I wish I was dead. I'm tired of crying"

" I'm licking a butterfly. I'm licking a butterfly. I'm licking a butterfly"

"Maybe I should take Owen's advice and move to France"

"I reckon I could beat up a dog. I'm not saying it'd be easy but I reckon I could"


"How did I end up in William Hague's toilet? And why's it full of blood?"

"I wish I hadn't grown these wretched sideburns. I feel like a prize cunt. I hope I don't bump into Cheryl"