Woman sueing canned goods manufacter for producing “tin of filth”

A mother of two is taking a well known tinned food company to court for selling a product that she claims has become “jam packed with curse words and explecitves” and says that she wants their brand of ‘Alphabetti Spaggheti’ removed from the supermarket shelves for good.

Brenda Foghorn from Didcot Parkway described how she used to enjoy making mealtimes more fun for her youngsters by using the tomato-based-pasta shapes to spell out little messages and funny words when they sat down for their tea.
“I’d used to write them funny little things when they got home from school” she said. “I’d spend a few minutes arranging the letters to ask if they had a good day at school or make a list of animals and stuff like that” she continued.

Brenda, who recently got divorced, said “I used to think it was quite an enjoyable and eductational additon to their supper but just recently some of the filth that’s been cropping up wouldn’t be suitable down the dockyard”.
Brenda, 41, whose husband has recently left her for a 19 year old Youtube influencer, went on to say - “not long ago the tins would contain the lyrics to Taylor Swift songs and stuff like that but just recently its been kicking out ‘cunt’ this and ‘fuckstick’ that - On more than one occassion I’ve had to scrape their entire dinner into the bin and order a Chinese”.
Now Brenda is taking the American food processing company - who sell 56 other varieties of food which isn’t litterered with vile profanities - to court.
“I’d like to see this rot taken off the shelves or failing that, I’d at least like some compensation for bringing this sort of filth into my household, especially as my husband and his new slut are currently refusing to pay any sort of child maintenance”.
The case continues.